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Guyer & Regules participated in 63% of the most relevant M&A deals in the past two years

El País and El Observador reported the most relevant M&A deals of each year in Uruguay. Guyer & Regules participated in 63% of the deals.


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Top 15 exportador 2014 - Guyer & Regules
Guyer & Regules advises 10 of the top 15 exporting companies in 2014

El País reported on the 15 top exporting companies of 2014. Guyer & Regules advises 10 companies in the top 15.

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Guyer & Regules “among women”

Guyer & Regules invited its female clients to a second lunch within the cycle “among women”. Being this a government election year, the speakers were three leading women of the main political parties: Beatriz Argimón from Partido Nacional, Martha Montaner from Partido Colorado and Mónica Xavier from Frente Amplio.

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At Guyer & Regules we have created SMART UP, a services´ package aimed at young entrepreneurs, in order to support them in the development and success of their businesses.


SMART UP YOUR START UP: Initial advice for new entrepreneurs



SMART UP TO SELL YOUR BUSINESS: Advice for the sale or the incorporation of new investors