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The Guyer & Regules team that works in this area has vast experience in international trade and tax benefit processes, negotiations with the National Customs Department and working within Tax Free Zones. The team is comprised of lawyers, accountants, and auditors specializing in customs matters.

We work to create synergy between taxation and valuation in Customs through the support of international sources of reference such as Grant Thornton, and local non-tariff measures with the Regulatory and Environmental administrative areas of government.

We specialize in the following activities:

  • Global Commercial Consultancy.
  • Tax planning and support with customs and tax-free zone admission.
  • Advice on international business issues, free ports and airports, warehouses (entrepôts) and tax-free zones.
  • Consultation, with a focus on customs origin, import and export permits and classification in line with customs nomenclature.
  • Tax Audits and Customs Valuations.
  • Diagnosis of company customs status and advice on administrative customs matters. Undertaking of binding consultations and financial support in case of possible administrative or judicial disputes.

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