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Free Zone

Our team at Free Zone provides services to companies in Uruguay´s free trade zones.

We specialize in the following areas:

Accounting services

  • Registration of all company transactions. Including company accounts settlement and invoice issuance.
  • Issuance of monthly Balance Sheet.
  • Accounting books printing, binding and registration thereof.
  • Drafting of CPA reports required to be filed before banks or governmental bodies.
  • Advice on documentation requirements under applicable Uruguayan legislation.

Fiscal advice

  • Preparation and filing of affidavits under Tax Authority’s Resolution N° 1041/006, informing the company’s purchases and sales during the fiscal year
  • Company’s tax payments, advance payments and annual and monthly withholdings Obtention of certificate of good standing issued by Tax Authority, as well as obtention of credit certificates as required.
  • Corporate changes reporting to tax authorities.

Salaries and pension funds contributions

  • Calculation of employees payments and preparation of applicable payment receipts.
  • Calculation of social security contributions, preparation of payment forms and labor records to be filed before Social Security Authoirty , as well as corresponding payments and monthly provisions of compulsory annual bonus, leave and vacation pay. Obtention , update and renewal of Labor Control Spreadsheets, labor control books, preparation of registration and dismissal forms before Social Security Authority, etc.; attendance and leaves control, prepatarion of leaves record and any other labor document that may be required, obtention of certificates of good standing issued by Social Security Authority and Insurance Authority and consideration of any inspections carried out by such bodies.

Payment management services

  • Payment management to vendors and document issuance: invoices, debit notes, credit notes and receipts, in compliance with any and all applicable legal requirements, and providing such documents to client.

General legal advice on corporate matters

  • Compliance check with legal provisions set forth under Law 16,060 (Companies Act), as well as preparation of minutes and any documents required in order to carry out Annual Ordinary Shareholders Meetings and any other Meeting as required, and copying minutes to the applicable books.
  • Board of Diectors Minutes drafting as required by the Company so as to leave record in the books of the granting of powers of attorney and any other resolution that may be of interest.
  • Formalities related to registration and binding of trade books: Meetings, Board of Directors, General Ledger, Inventory Ledger and Shareholders Register.

Communication to the applicable governmental offices of any and all changes in the Board of Directors.

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