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More about Pro Bono

Publication date:
31 de December - 21:00 hs

What is Pro Bono work?


Pro Bono work is the provision of legal services free of charge, and it differs from volunteering and corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Pro Bono work necessarily involves providing a professional legal service. It is the collaboration and support for our community by providing our professional work and legal knowledge free of charge. It is seeking to collaborate with greater and better access to justice and the exercise of rights, in particular for vulnerable groups. And that service is provided with the same quality, professionalism, commitment and efficiency with which we serve all our clients.

Thus, Pro Bono work includes from advising a group of people on the best legal instrument to create an NGO, to preparing bills that generate a positive impact on our community.

At Guyer & Regules we have a long history of providing Pro Bono work with the level of excellence that defines us. We encourage and value that all our professionals carry out Pro Bono hours of work on those topics that are of particular interest to them and that match the values ​​and principles of our Firm.


How does Pro Bono work end up on the Firm and how can I apply?


The Firm is part of several networks that facilitate the reception of Pro Bono cases and clients, including Trustlaw, Lex Mundi Pro Bono Foundation and the Vance Center. We are founding members of “Fundación Pro Bono Uruguay”, the first Pro Bono Uruguay clearinghouse whose objective is to attract, organize, professionalize and encourage Pro Bono work in the country.

Cases received through these organizations or by other means, are channeled through the Pro Bono Work Coordinator and eventually analyzed by the Firm's Pro Bono Work Committee.

The Firm's professionals can present Pro Bono project proposals to the Coordinator as well as raise issues for which they would be interested in integrating work teams.

Each Pro Bono client is opened as a client of the Firm and identified as Pro Bono, and the hours of work dedicated are counted in the same way as the hours of work loaned to any client. By doing this, the Firm monitors the number of Pro Bono clients, Pro Bono topics and hours dedicated by its professionals. Each new client and/or Project, has a followed up on the results obtained and client satisfaction.


How do I get in touch?


The Pro Bono Work Coordinator is Beatriz Spiess.

Her contact details are:

  • (598) 2912 1515 int. 104


Do not hesitate to get in touch!