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Workplace Safety & Health

Our Workplace Safety & Health Department at Guyer & Regules engages acclaimed professionals in corporate legal advisory services, extensively renowned both domestically and internationally.
This practice group particularly caters for the following issues:
Cooperation in drafting a workplace safety and health management system, taking into account the particularities of each company’s line of business, enabling to create a compliance, management and control policy in this regard.
Monthly reports on workplace safety and health provisions.
Compliance auditing on legal aspects of workplace safety and health.
Training sessions for staff in workplace safety and health matters, tailored to the company’s needs.
Agreement drafting with prevention technicians and workplace safety specialist physicians.
Attendance and engagement in workplace safety and health bipartisan instances.
Cooperation agreements in safety matters with outsourced companies.
Protocol and training in order to prevent, report and investigate any king of labor harassment (sexual, moral, etc.)
Alcohol and drug consumption control action protocol.

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