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Maritime Law

Guyer & Regules embraces a team of well-known professionals in the field. The team has consulted on port and docking matters for the most prominent private ports in the country since their construction. The firm has been in charge of reviewing provisional port service contracts with private institutions (wood pulp manufacturers, among others), official work permits and port services, operation contracts, and stowage services across a wide range of ports and docks.

Guyer & Regules provides legal advice on maritime law to a variety of clients, including the owners of maritime vehicles (ships, barges, and loading and unloading floating docks), bareboat charters, travel charters and charters for limited periods of time, NVOCC, freight forwarders, tugboats, maritime transport (whether segmented, successive or multimodal), container vessels and transport of bulk goods, insurers, malfunction liquidators, P&I clubs, fishing companies, dredging companies, maritime agencies, port operators, financing businesses, accredited banks that guarantee ships, and other participants in related businesses.

Our maritime law practice area specializes in a wide range of matters, including:

  • Buying and selling operations of transport ships, tugboats, barges, and sporting and recreational vessels.
  • Contracts for the use of vessels, such as bareboat chartering, leasing, chartering for travel or limited periods of time.
  • Naval and maritime mortgages.
  • Contracts related to operations of loading and unloading within and outside of ports, ballast discharge, and STS (ship-to-ship) operations.
  • Collateral financing of and contracts for shipbuilding.
  • Vessel registration and enrolment, provisional and definitive, in Uruguayan national registers.
  • Diverse types of registration with traffic administrators, port authorities, and operations in duty-free zones.
  • Collisions, general and particular average, cargo and liquidation claims.
  • Maritime pollution and contamination cases.
  • Structure and operations to do with natural gas and other fuels.
  • Litigations and administrative proceedings including legal actions for enforcement of guarantees or credits, seizure and detention of vessels; claims on behalf of P&I clubs, labor claims of crew members, verification of credit, representing maritime businesses, etc.

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