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Guyer & Regules has an Agribusiness department that benefits from extensive experience in contractual negotiation covering the wide variety of forms required by the Uruguayan business community, such as investment structuring. Guyer & Regules’ Agribusiness team is the paradigm of legal advice for foreign investors looking to analyze prospects and invest in this sector in Uruguay.

Our level of experience in this area allows us to evaluate and pursue the most effective strategies in light of fiscal regulations, permits and authorizations that continue to become more and more complex.

The firm’s multidisciplinary team is made up of recognized professionals with experience in notarial issues, taxation, corporate, regulatory and other legal areas. They have actively participated in the boom that this sector has experienced in the last 10 years in Uruguay.

We specialize in the following activities:

  • Sales and renting of agricultural land.
  • Holding and use of agricultural land, obtaining permits required by the state for use of land for agricultural and farming purposes.
  • Land Management Institute (Instituto Nacional de Colonización) proceedings, compliance with the Institute’s right of first refusal.
  • Trusts, financial trusts, purchase and renting of land, investment funds.
  • Building rights (surface use rights).
  • Forestry promotion contracts, forest and lumber purchases, forestry investment funds.
  • Livestock and pasture contracts.
  • Forestry contracts.
  • Crop and livestock renting contracts.
  • Rural sharecropping contracts.
  • Feedlot services contracts.
  • Contracts for quarantine of export products.
  • Meat packing plants regulation.

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