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Guyer & Regules stands out for its vast experience in the aeronautical industry and for the prominent clients to whom we render advisory services.

The firm has advised clients on topics related to the aeronautical sector for more than 25 years, since Uruguay first began to open up its skies looking forward to become a more connected country.

Consultation experience includes work with national as well as international airline companies in addition to a diverse range of aeronautical operators, on topics including: traffic rights; associative aeronautical agreements, especially Codeshare; and the processing of flight permits. Our experience also includes consultation on obtaining permits for shipping by air as well as the construction of new airports and airfields.

Furthermore, we have experience in the financial aspects of acquisition, warranty and leasing of aircraft. We specialize in a wide range of matters including:

  • Flight permits / flyover permits / air traffic rights.
  • GSAs.
  • Codeshare agreements.
  • Charter / special flights.
  • Authorization of commercial services on airlines (fumigation, etc.)
  • Leasing of aircraft.
  • Financing for aircraft and motors.
  • Lease contracts.
  • Passenger claims.

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