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Our beginnings

Our beginnings

The name of the firm goes back to 1911. Max Guyer and Dardo Regules developed a close friendship when going through Law School together. Upon graduating together, they decided to jointly set up a law firm.

At that time in Uruguay, the individual practice of the law was customary, so at the beginning, the association between the two young lawyers did not go much further than the sharing of expenses. The name “Estudio Guyer & Regules”, though, was in use from the beginning.

Dardo Regules, a law generalist, developed a public image as one of the leaders of “Unión Cívica”, the Catholic party at the time. His reputation for integrity was such that in a politically turbulent atmosphere, despite his distinct discrepancies with the Government, he was appointed Home Secretary (Ministro del Interior), in control of the police and the electoral process. After a peaceful completion of his term of office, he returned to private practice.

When in 1961, Dardo Regules, the last of the founders, passed away, several younger lawyers who had joined the firm in the preceding years, under the leadership of Gilberto Regules, Dardo’s son, preserved the values and excellence of the firm. Gilberto conceived the bases on which the modern firm is set.

In 1992 - no longer Gilberto Regules - a third generational change took place, incorporating the leadership of a new generation of professionals who, following his steps, has had the responsibility of guiding the firm along the path of those same values, excellence and professionalism that have characterized it since its inception.