International Private Tender 1/2018 – Santa Emilia Farm & Silo Plant (UY)

Call for tenders: Lot 1

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The land:

  • A 5.063 Hectares land located in the department of Soriano, Uruguay, 80 Kilometers away from Nueva Palmira, 130 km from Buenos Aires and 200 Kilometers from Montevideo; The land is owned by a Uruguayan Company named Regony SA (the company, that owns only the land, will be sold debt free and guaranteed);

  • The land is already active in the cultivation of soy, corn and wheat (on average 3,900 He), in animal breeding (beef, calf) (on average 400 He.) and in Eucalyptus trees plantation (800 He); It includes 000 meters of irrigation pipes and 3 artificial lakes for irrigation;

  • The land is one of the most productive in Uruguay. In the past 3 years it has produced an average of near 10,000 Tons of soy with a yield of 2.5 Tons/Hectare seeded; Almost 5000 cattle bred per year; the annual timber value accretion is 20 cubic meters per Hectare;

  • A manor house (in perfect shape), with 35 he. of park with a great variety of trees, an adjacent airstrip, an administration house, and staff houses.

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The storage facility:

  • Silos, with a total storage capacity of 63.500 Tons (composed by 3 silos of 14,000 Tons and 6 silos of 3,300 Tons), located in Miguelete, Uruguay. It has been built in 2010 by Kepler Weber Brazil and Assembly by Ciemsa and includes offices and facilities for personnel.

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N.B. The offer can be made separately for the Company that owns the land or for the Storage facility or for both.