Guyer & Regules “among women” 2016

Guyer & Regules organized its 4th “Among Women” event, which gathers leading women of several industries with the aim of supporting female leadership in the corporate sphere.

This year, the three female CEOs of the firm’s client banks were invited as speakers: Vivianne Caumont, from Citi, Graciela Reybaud, from Banque Heritage, and Virginia Suarez, from HSBC.

Corina Bove, partner at Guyer & Regules, explained it was a special occasion for the firm since these are women they respect and admire for having worked close to them for years. Moreover, these three women have achieved what seems impossible for many women when they begin their professional careers, or at least very unlikely for the most optimistic ones.

Next, she added that even though the issue of female leadership is in every agenda, the figures of women in leading positions are still low. ‘The diagnosis has been made, the causes have to be known and acknowledged, but it is very important to act’, she pointed. “Vivianne, Graciela and Virginia certainly acted and overcame the barriers”, concluded Bove when introducing the speakers.

Journalist Cecilia Bonino conducted the interviews and specially reinforced the figures presented by Guyer & Regules’ partner, where only 1,8% of working women currently hold executive positions and the salary gap still remains. ‘However, in the local financial sector, four out of eleven banks are run by women’, Bonino announced and the audience celebrated.

Caumont, Reybaud and Suárez talked about what their careers had been like, their mentors, sponsors and professional godparents, the challenges they had to overcome to make progress in their work environment, while juggling with their family lives at the same time. Also, they shared their vision of female leadership in Uruguay.