Guyer & Regules “among women” 2014

Guyer & Regules invited its female clients to a second lunch within the cycle “among women”. Being this a government election year, the speakers were three leading women of the main political parties: Beatriz Argimón from Partido Nacional, Martha Montaner from Partido Colorado and Mónica Xavier from Frente Amplio.

Corina Bove, partner at Guyer & Regules, commented “…in times of political campaigns, the aim of the event was to get to know the life and challenges these three leading women face in their positions. Without political debate, the focus of the event was placed on their experiences.”

This is the second of several events the firm is planning to create a forum among women, in which different issues of interest are addressed.

The event titled “among women” was held on 15th August and over 130 female leaders and future leaders of businesses in Uruguay attended.