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Alejandro has almost 40 years of experience in the area of Corporate, Insolvency and Maritime Law; in corporate matters: he specializes in advising firms, companies and partnerships, both local and of the free trade zone; in dealings including mergers and acquisitions, statutory and voluntary winding-up of companies and business agreements; in Insolvency Law: bankruptcy, spin-off, insolvency and liability of official receivers; in Maritime Law: flagging, charter or affreightment of ships, cargo transportation, towage and maritime activities in the Continental Shelf and the Exclusive Economic Zone. He provides advisory services to leading companies on his areas of expertise, including logistics firms and port terminals and companies that deal with marine infrastructure such as dredging.

At present, Miller is an Assistant Professor  at the School of Law of the University of the Republic (UDELAR) on the subject: Business Law; Professor at the Graduate School of the School of Law of the University of the Republic in the Master’s Degree in Business Law on the subjects: Companies – internal structure and operation, and Workshop on Business Case-law and teaches continuing education graduate courses on Trade Businessman Hiring. He is also an Associate Professor at the School of Law of the University of Montevideo on the subject: Law of Business Organizations and Professor at the Graduate School of the School of Business Science and Economy in the Master’s Degree in Finance on the subject: Tax and Corporate Planning. Alejandro served as a Teacher at ORT University and at the Catholic University of Uruguay. He holds a degree of Doctor of Laws and Social Sciences and of Assistant Professor from the School of Law of the University of the Republic (equivalent to LLM  education).  He has also a degree in Sea and Maritime Law from the Catholic University of Valparaíso (Chile). Currently Candidate to Ph.D. at the Argentinean Catholic University (UCA).  He is Director of the Business Law Institute (UDELAR) and  Deputy Director of the Journal of Business Law of the Business Law Institute (UDELAR).  Member of the Uruguayan Maritime Law Association and of the Uruguayan Bar Association. He was honoured by MULTILAW as a leading lawyer in Project Funding (2008) and as prominent lawyer by the “Chambers & Partners” international organization (2014). Miller participated as expositor and invited lecturer in conferences, symposiums, and workshops of his field of specialization in Uruguay and abroad. He co-directed a graduate course on companies at the University of Salamanca, Spain (2002). Director of the Commercial, Law Institute, State University (2016 -2018). 

Representative Work

  • Miller advised Lavinia Corporation Laskaridis Shipping and its affiliates in Uruguay on the temporary flagging of “Sealion” Tanker, which was brought to Uruguay to transport Fuel-Oil to the pulp mills established in the country, working for ANCAP (2016).

  • He contributed to advising Celulosa y Energía Punta Pereira S.A., a firm of the Montes del Plata group (Stora-Enso - Arauco), on insurance and port and maritime issues, particularly about the contracting of maintenance dredging works in the Port Terminal of the said company located in Punta Pereira, Colonia, Uruguay (2015).

  • Legal counsel of Ontur International S.A., the main private multipurpose port terminal, located in Nueva Palmira, Colonia, Uruguay, since its foundation (2003).

  • In addition to the above, he acts as in-house legal counsel for the Firm’s lawyers and accountants in his areas of expertise, in their performance with the clients.


Author of various books in his field of specialization: “Companies: Non-Executive Directors” (2012) “Companies: Syndication of Shares” (2009); “Companies: Board of Directors – Internal Auditor” (2005) and “Companies: Dividends” (unpublished);.  He wrote more than a hundred articles, published in the country and abroad. Of the said works, in terms of corporate law it is proper to highlight:  From  Colonial Companies to current share companies (2019);  Preventing damage in close company’s (2018); “Management of Companies: social interest and corporate social responsibility” (2016); “Cleaning of non-active companies and identification of shareholders” (2014); “Commercial business activity and de facto business organization” (2014); “Liability of Directors and its legal nature” (2012); “Issue of Shares at a Premium” (2006); “The Executive Committee” (2007); “Challenge of Resolutions of the Board of Directors” (1996);  On insolvency matters: Director requesting bankruptcy  of the Company (2018); Maritime Liens and Bankruptcy (2018); “Reflections on the qualification of the insolvency proceedings and liability of the company administrators” (2016); “Scheme of Arrangement” (2011); “The insolvency accomplice” (2013); “Maritime privileges in insolvency proceedings” (2010); “Performance of the receiver” (2009);  “Sale of the ongoing enterprise” (2008); In maritime matters:   “Reflections on cargo transfer operations in the Exclusive Economic Zone” (2016). “Comments on Commercial Maritime Law” as co-author (2015); “Maritime Transport and Environment” (2014); “The Uruguayan flag: a flag of convenience?” (2012).


Frequently invited as speaker at national and international congresses and workshops within his field of specialization.

Professional experience abroad
Degree in Sea and Maritime Law at the Catholic University of Valparaíso (Chile) where he graduated in the first place and obtained the resulting recognition (2015).

Spanish, English, French and Portuguese.