G&R Free Trade Zones

Who we are

Our team at G&R Free Trade Zones (Zona Franca) provides services to companies in Uruguay´s free trade zones.

What we do

Accounting services

  • Monthly booking of all transactions performed
  • Issuance of monthly Balance Sheet and P&L
  • Advice on documentation requirements under applicable Uruguayan legislation.
  • When necessary we will proceed to file the Financial Statements before the National Auditing Office (Auditoría Interna de la Nación).

Fiscal advice

  • Preparation and submission of tax forms informing the purchases of goods and services and the sales of goods and services and payment of the corresponding taxes if applicable.
  • The rendering of professional advice in relation to your inquiries in fiscal matters and the analysis of the applicability of withholding taxes in certain cases.
  • Obtaining the pertinent certificates issued by the Tax Authorities evidencing compliance of the Company with its fiscal obligations and the attention of inspections carried out from time to time by said institution.

Salaries and pension funds contributions

  • Calculation of retributions of employees (salaries, commissions, leaves, etc.) and the preparation of the corresponding receipts.
  • Calculation of social security contributions, the preparation of payment forms and labor records, which have to be filed before the Social Security Service, as well as the corresponding payments and the obtaining of the mandatory labor insurance for the company’s employees.
  • Obtaining and updating of all the labor documentation required to comply with the legal provisions in force.
  • Our professionals will answer your queries on labor matters and will keep you updated on any modifications established by law.

General legal advice on corporate matters

  • Compliance of the Company with the legal provisions in force regulating corporate activities in Uruguay (Law 16.060), as well as the preparation and organization of board of directors’ and shareholders’ meetings and all the necessary documentation for the preparation of the Annual Shareholders Meeting.
  • Communication to the corresponding governmental offices of all changes in the Board of Directors.

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