Corporations & Accounting Services

Who we are

The Corporations & Accounting Services Team not only advises its clients but helps them to generate new businesses and grow their companies, with personal, effective and creative assistance.
Their constant training pursues the ideal utilization of available legal vehicles as well as innovation through new alternatives to ensure the maximum tax efficiency of their clients.

What we do

The objective of the assistance and advice offered by the department’s team of professionals is helping companies to comply with all tax, corporations, payroll and social security regulations, minimizing fiscal costs related to the international businesses of their clients, designing tax planning structures and the reduction of expenses and time required for the development, installation, start-up and administration of said businesses by means of the centralization of all matters in one single place.

Services offered by the Corporations & Accounting Services Team

The work performed by the professionals of this department is always geared towards generating savings and increasing economic benefits through proactive service as much in the tax area as in the administration of companies, and includes:

  • Accounting and reports
  • Corporate book-keeping
  • Corporate assistance
  • Tax assistance
  • Administration of payroll and social security charges
  • Management of official formalities

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