Intelectual Property

Guyer & Regules has a team of professionals who specialize in intellectual property and related fields in national and international contexts. We offer consultancy throughout each stage of the value chain, including production, content use, and protected assets—and from the preparation, revision and negotiation of contracts to court claims and administrative appeals Related to the protection of said content.


We specialize in the following activities:

  • Corporate consultancy: legal opinions; revision and negotiation of intellectual property, information technology, and e-commerce contracts
  • Publicity rights, television and film production contracts
  • Due diligence on assets, intellectual and technological property contracts, and other complex issues
  • Filing and processing of all intellectual property documents, such as:
    • Brands
    • Industrial property: registration of patents, utility models, industrial designs, and plant variety registration
    • Creative content and copyright
    • Electronics and information technology
    • Audiovisual and media
    • Personal data
    • Control over personal image and personality attributes
  • Litigation: alternative solutions to disputes (such as arbitrations and mediations) and judicial proceedings, violations of intellectual property rights, nullity proceedings, applying to set aside judgements, precautionary measures and preliminary precautionary measures, and processes for the implementation of contracts in all previously mentioned topics

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