Corporate Criminal Law

Guyer & Regules has a solid team of recognized professionals who specialize in providing legal counsel and defense for corporations. The firm represents local and international clients on a wide variety of penal and criminal matters.


The broad experience that characterizes our law firm includes: grievances and defense work, internal investigations, collection and preservation of digital records, negotiating agreements and cooperating with government agencies. The multidisciplinary nature of our team allows us to act in our clients’ best interest with consultation on risk prevention and analysis, as well as on adequate planning, internal investigation processes, and strategic reactions in the face of criminal proceedings.


In this category of practices (occasionally with the assistance of external criminal lawyers), our consultation on the following topics particularly stands out:

  • Preventative consultation, including compliance programs, due diligence processes, and other strategies designed to mitigate collateral damage of criminal proceedings, such as fines, seizure or confiscation of goods, and damage to reputation
  • Fraud and embezzlement, corporate fraud, cybercrime and piracy
  • Environmental law
  • Prevention of asset laundering
  • Criminal tax law for businesses and pensions
  • Protection of fair competition
  • Property and copyright violations
  • Internal investigations and corporate fraud prosecution

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