Professional Development

Coaching Program

The firm believes that every professional should have a coach who provides valuable and important advice and counsel on a wide variety of topics and issues related to the associate’s career.

To this purpose Guyer & Regules has implemented a coaching program that works.

Every new professional is assigned a coach.

Coaches are expected to give support and facilitate orientation and integration into the firm; discuss professional development goals and activities; provide advice and counsel on a wide variety of topics including knowledge and skills, community and Bar involvement, and practice development; and assist with career planning.

Thoughtful, constructive, and candid feedback is a key element in the firm’s approach to professional development.

Following the formal performance review process, professionals are encouraged to work with their coaches and practice group leaders to proactively set professional development goals and create personal professional development plans to further enhance their strengths, address areas for improvement, and develop new knowledge, skills and abilities.

Guyer & Regules believes that professional development is a shared responsibility between the individual professional and the firm. To support this value, we have established expectations for each professional about the time that they should be investing in their own professional development.

The firm has a clearly articulated carrier path. Professionals at all levels (junior, intermediate, semi-senior, senior) are encouraged to review the career path criteria and to develop their personal professional development plans accordingly.

In-house and External Training

Lifelong learning is critical to the firms’ success and a core value at Guyer & Regules.This value is supported by offering a multitude of training opportunities to professionals at all levels.

Each year, professionals in the firm share their expertise by teaching in-house training programs including curriculum targeted to the substantive training needs of professionals at every level. In addition, we engage outside trainers for a variety of specialized programs to develop professional skills in the areas of communications, negotiation, management, leadership, advocacy skills, writing seminars, presentation and public speaking, and marketing and business development.