Guyer & Regules’ Litigation Team is integrated by a team of lawyers with a vast experience in litigation and is led by two partners, who are widely respected in this area.

The lawyers in this team are assisted by specialists in every field, in order to assure clients their best and most efficient defense in all cases. The dynamic international practice of Guyer & Regules allows for fluid interaction with lawyers from other jurisdictions, thus ensuring the best strategy for clients in highly complex international proceedings.


The Litigation Team has participated in some of the most complex proceedings and arbitrations held in Uruguay in civil, commercial, financial and labor matters. Among its clients are the principal banks and financial institutions operating in Uruguay, manufacturers of all kinds of products, such as motor vehicles, food, paper, chemicals, oil companies, distributors, public services, insurance companies, construction companies, laboratories, telecommunications companies, embassies, etc. The numbers speak for themselves: currently, legal proceedings involving more than US$ 600,000,000 are being handled by the department.


The commitment of the professionals of the Litigation Department is to provide the client the best available service at a reasonable and efficient cost. These services are:

Competition Law

Guyer & Regules represents clients before administrative authorities and civil courts in relation to claims arising from statutes that regulate competition.


Corporate Law

The lawyers at Guyer & Regules actively participate in litigations concerning disputes among shareholders, as well as among partners of other business structures such as limited liability companies and partnerships.


Mergers and Acquisitions

In the event of mergers and acquisitions, the corporate department analyzes the court records in which the company to be acquired may appear as actor or defendant. In this way the purchaser will not be subject to surprises arising from the proceedings filed by or that may be filed against the company in question.


Refinancing, Composition and Bankruptcy

Guyer & Regules represents creditors in insolvency proceedings, such as compositions, reorganizations and bankruptcy, with the aim of protecting the interests of our clients. We participate in insolvency proceedings representing future acquirers of businesses in an insolvency situation. In addition Guyer & Regules’ lawyers also represent creditors in restructuring processes, leading the same in the majority of cases.


Intellectual Property and Trade-mark Law

Lawyers from Guyer & Regules have participated in litigations filed by owners of copyrights or intellectual property rights in order to prevent the manufacture and commercialization of counterfeit products. They have participated in the seizure of said products and their subsequent destruction, as well as in measures designed to identify and confirm irregular and illegal situations.



The firm’s lawyers represent advertising agencies in proceedings filed against them stemming from commercial advertisements.


Libel and Insult | Press Law

Guyer & Regules actively represents clients in proceedings concerning libel and slander, the statutes regarding press freedom and the right of reply.



Guyer & Regules represents insurance companies as well as insured parties in claims concerning insurance policies. Furthermore it participates in recoveries for insurance companies, as well as in proceedings filed against policy holders covered by said companies.


National and International Arbitration

The lawyers of Guyer & Regules actively participate in arbitration proceedings and in the processes arising from the same. They have recently participated in proceedings where the nullity of an arbitral award amounting to US$180,000,000 issued in compliance with the ICC rules was dismissed. They are currently advising several financial institutions in proceedings arising from the application of the Reciprocal Payments and Credits Agreement of ALADI.


Labor Claims

Together with the labor department, the litigation section of Guyer & Regules represents clients (mostly employers) in labor claims.


Air and Maritime Transport

Lawyers in this department participate in claims asserted against airlines and maritime companies, arising from air and maritime transport contracts.


Administrative Processes

The lawyers in Guyer & Regules participate in the filing of administrative recourses against acts of the State and public entities, as well as in the filing of annulment actions before the Tribunal de lo Contencioso Administrativo (Supreme Court in Administrative Matters).



The collection team provides an efficient in or out of court collection service to business companies, banks, financial entities and local and international credit card companies, showing a high rate of success in the collection actions it undertakes. For this purpose it not only counts with highly experienced professionals but also with a team of paralegals specially trained for this task.


Criminal Law

For those cases in which clients may require legal advice in criminal matters, the firm counts with a consultant in this field to offer the required assistance. The firm’s criminal consultant actively participates in criminal defenses and complaints filed by and against the clients.


Precautionary Measures

The lawyers of Guyer & Regules have contributed to the adoption of precautionary measures in record time, rapidly obtaining attachments of real estate, personal property, and vessels, the urgent entry in possession of goods, the obtaining of precautionary measures of non-innovation, etc.



Worthy of mention is the system utilized by the department (which has served as a model for other firms in the region), which allows its clients to follow the progress of their cases from theiroffices by means of our program called Litis. This enables them to be informed step by step, and in real time, of everything happening in their cases, being able to interact in remote form with our professionals in each of their proceedings.