The Labour Team at Guyer & Regules is a reference in corporate labour law in national and international circles. It is integrated by a team of young professionals led by two prestigious experts on the subject: Eduardo Ameglio and Leonardo Slinger.


The Team provides integral advice in the areas of individual and collective labour law, including representing our clients in proceeding related to labour matters and social security.

Due to the experience and prestige of the Department in the market, sharing the same values as the clients, the Labour team is recognised and respected by their peers, the business sector and union organisations, in both their roles as litigators and negotiators.

Hiring and general advice

  • Hiring of employees, designing salary policies, managing of labour costs, administration of salaries and other remunerations
  • Advising on general and specific benefits for the sector of activity in question
  • Advising on all aspects concerning initiation, development and termination of labour contracts


  • Advising, negotiating and wording of contracts in line with the current regulations and presenting modifications and recommendations with the aim of limiting the responsibility of the company when subcontracting work or services.
  • Wording of service contracts and advising on the adequacy of the contracts for both businesses and individuals.

Labour Audits

  • Auditing of businesses in relation to the compliance with the current legislation on Labour, Social Security and Accident Prevention.
  • “Labour checking” of the daily activities related to Human Resources, that determines the adequacy of the same in terms of the current labour legislation, with recommendations to prevent, improve and solve current and future issues.
  • When planning to acquire or invest in a company, the labour audit becomes a vital tool that enables to learn the status, functioning and level of compliance with the labour legislation of the audited company.

Representing and advising clients regarding collective agreement negotiations

Representing companies and Business Chambers in collective agreement negotiations with the Unions and the Government, conducting the salary and working conditions negotiations for the different activity groups, as well as negotiations with reference to individual or collective labour conflicts.

Negotiations, agreements and collective conflicts

  •  Managing collective conflicts of companies or sectors of activity, advising and representing the clients’ interests in cases of union measures, collective conflicts or strikes.
  • Negotiating collective agreements for companies, business or activity groups.
  •  Planning the general negotiation strategy for the business groups or chambers or individual companies.


 Courses, seminars, training and reports to keep clients up-to-date with all issues related to Labour Law and Social Security.

 Advising on Pension matters and Social Security

  • Advising on queries, recommendations and best practices relative to the diverse Social Security regimes applicable to the different situations that may be present.
  • Filing and following-up of administrative documents generated by the diverse entities dealing with Social Security.


The members of this department have represented clients in labour proceedings involving claims of highly complex and sophisticated nature.

The excellent results obtained in diverse highly complex labour litigations have generated such recognition that their opinion is frequently sought in proceedings carried out by other firms.