Corporate | M&A & Banking


Guyer & Regules’ Corporate and Banking Team is integrated by a large group of lawyers with extensive experience in corporate and banking affairs, mergers and acquisitions.

The team is composed of various partners and professionals of different ages with vast experience in corporate and banking assistance, outstanding at both the national and international levels for their solidity and broad business vision, which has assured success in all matters undertaken.


Corporate, Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Global Commercial Assistance
  • Acquisitions and Mergers
  • General Contracting
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Stockholder Agreements
  • Competition Law

Assistance in Banking Law

  • Administrators of investment funds
  • AFAPs (Social Security Management Associations)
  • Global Banking Assistance
  • Placement of securities in international markets
  • Commercial Papers
  • Derivatives
  • Trusts
  • Leasing
  • Negotiable Bonds
  • Syndicated Loans
  • Financial Products
  • Securitization

Support or advice in the drafting of projects for statutes and regulations

Assistance to the Government in various areas related to its prices or in drafting of applicable legislation, such as the securitization for Banco Hipotecario, investment fund for Central Bank, association with private companies for ANCAP, Competition Law, Public-Private Partnership projects, etc.

Corporative Risk Prevention Service

This service, implemented by our firm since 1980 and in agreement with ICEPS International Center of Penal Economic Studies, refers to strategy and diagnosis studies related to the suitable knowledge of the client and its activities, a global basis control and trustworthy authentication regarding critical background of natural or artificial persons in the administrative scope as much as in the judicial.

Our Law Firm habitually renders this type of qualified advising to 35 national and overseas financial institutions. ICEPS as an international academic and consultative organization dedicated to criminal economical financial and corporative risk advisory, works with 118 banks and financial institutions established in all the continents. Furthermore, it is bonded by support agreements to Public Organisms of 11 countries and 5 multilateral international organizations.


In the corporate and banking sphere:

Guyer & Regules’ Corporate-Banking and Mergers and Acquisitions Team is the firm’s flagship due to the prestige, experience and knowledge of its professionals, and also due to the innumerable operations and transactions it has been involved in over the past few decades. It constitutes the first option for complex affairs, transactions and operations at the national as well as international level.

Constant innovation and excellence are definitive characteristics of this Department. The facts speak for themselves: from the beginning of the 1980s until the present date, Guyer & Regules, through its Corporate-Banking Team, has been the only firm to represent foreign investment banks in operations of the external debt of the Republic of Uruguay.

Likewise, the Corporate-Banking Team has participated in the majority of operations of the greatest magnitude carried out in the country, such as mergers, acquisitions, liquidations, etc.; the firm represents more than half of all the financial institutions and multinational companies operating in Uruguay.

Thanks to the firm’s important clientele, and especially in terms of its innovative approach, great experience and deep knowledge of the market, the Corporate-Banking Team has been a pioneer in many areas of the law in which it was the first (and in some cases the only one) to embark on ventures such as the first syndicated loan, the first and only syndicated leasing, the first structuring of an investment funds administrator (even before there was legislation for regulating these institutions), the first public works financial trust, the first and only issuance of preferred stock through ADR structures, more than 50% of all issuances of public offering Corporate Bonds, the only private placement of securities in the United States, the first Uruguayan risk capital company, the first and only Uruguayan offshore investment fund, etc. These first steps in each of those fields made the Corporate-Banking Department the first choice in the corresponding areas, and consequently making Guyer & Regules one of the most active players in the market; it is no coincidence that the competition recently recognized that we are present in 80% of all operations carried out.

In the Telecommunications, Gas, Aviation and Pharmaceutical spheres:

In addition to its very extensive experience in the banking and corporate sphere, the Corporate Team at Guyer & Regules is intensely active and experienced in telecommunications, petroleum and gas, project financing, aviation, pharmaceuticals and Competition Law. The Team lawyers assisted in the implementation and construction of the Uruguayan natural gas pipeline (which comes from Argentina, crossing the River Plate), and collaborated in the drafting of gas legislation and regulation. The Team also represents the concessionary of Carrasco International Airport, as well as many international airlines that operate in Uruguay and that have been assigned flight routes to and from Uruguay; likewise, it has participated in the majority of aviation financing operations carried out in recent years in the country. In the area of fuels, the Team’s lawyers have advised the government in regulatory matters, as well as in the alternatives and set up of mechanisms for seeking a strategic partner for the state petroleum company.


The Corporate-Banking and Merger and Acquisitions Team of Guyer & Regules has participated in prominent operations of public knowledge included in our Representative Work Highlights.